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Expertise in Confined Environments

DGC LATAM is a trusted provider of highly specialized Catalyst Handling Services to the mining, metal smelting, and mineral processing industries. Our expertise lies in executing catalyst handling projects in challenging confined and hazardous working environments while prioritizing health, safety, and environmental protection.

Our Catalyst Handling Services cover the entire process, from unloading to screening and reloading. We ensure careful separation of catalyst layers based on age and type during unloading, implementing strict measures to prevent cross-contamination, personnel harm, and structural damage. Special barriers are constructed inside converters to facilitate vacuuming and prevent catalyst damage.

Catalyst screening is a crucial aspect of our services, eliminating process dust, fines, and small particles that can affect catalyst performance. Our technical and field teams conduct screening campaigns with meticulous attention to detail, collecting plant data and selecting appropriate screens offsite. Continuous monitoring ensures quality control, and thorough removal of accumulations is performed from divisional plates under the grids.

We utilize sock and dense loading techniques to achieve even distribution of ceramic balls and catalysts on each bed according to the loading diagram. Our focus on quality assurance minimizes catalyst breakages, channelling, and high-pressure drops caused by loading errors. Throughout the process, we prioritize safety, strictly adhering to Catalyst Material Safety Data Sheets and implementing mandatory safety precautions.

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Safety is paramount in our Catalyst Handling Services. We follow stringent health, safety, and environmental regulations, employing experienced personnel and robust equipment. We store remaining catalyst and residue in designated containers, ensuring compliance with local and international regulations.

DGC LATAM's Catalyst Handling Services combine technical expertise, advanced equipment, and strict safety protocols to deliver exceptional results. We maintain the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental responsibility throughout our operations.

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Trust us for specialized catalyst handling services in confined environments, ensuring efficiency, safety, and environmental compliance.

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