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Enhancing Furnace Performance and Efficiency

DGC LATAM specializes in furnace engineering services tailored for iron making blast furnaces and combustion stoves. With a focus on optimizing furnace performance and efficiency,

our comprehensive capabilities encompass various aspects of furnace design,

assessment, control, and compliance.

Our team of experienced engineers and experts excels in Blast Furnace design and optimization. We employ advanced modelling and simulation techniques to analyse and fine-tune various factors, such as burden distribution, gas flow dynamics, and heat transfer within the furnace system. By optimizing the design parameters, we enhance furnace performance, maximize productivity, and achieve optimal fuel efficiency.

At DGC LATAM, we specialize in designing and optimizing Combustion Stoves, which play a crucial role in the efficient heating and combustion processes within the furnace system. Our dedicated engineers focus on enhancing burner design, optimizing fuel injection systems, and ensuring precise combustion air distribution. By fine-tuning these components, we achieve improved fuel efficiency, better temperature control, and enhanced combustion performance.

To ensure optimal furnace operations, we conduct comprehensive thermal performance assessments of Blast Furnaces and Combustion Stoves. Our experts perform heat balance calculations, temperature profiling, and detailed combustion analysis to evaluate and optimize heat transfer efficiency, fuel consumption, and overall thermal performance. By identifying areas for improvement, we help our clients enhance energy efficiency and optimize their furnace operations.


Environmental sustainability is a key consideration in our Furnace Engineering Services. We offer solutions for emission control and environmental compliance in Blast Furnace and Combustion Stove systems. Our team designs and implements efficient combustion systems, air pollution control technologies, and waste heat recovery solutions to minimize emissions and ensure compliance with stringent environmental regulations.

To ensure smooth operations and optimal product quality, we develop advanced process monitoring and control systems for Blast Furnaces and Combustion Stoves. These systems integrate real-time data acquisition, analytics, and control algorithms to monitor and optimize key furnace parameters. By closely monitoring and controlling critical variables, we enhance process efficiency, improve product quality, and achieve stable furnace performance.

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With our specialized expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence,

DGC LATAM delivers tailor-made furnace engineering services to enhance the performance and efficiency of iron making blast furnaces and combustion stoves.

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