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Enhancing Efficiency and Flow in Industrial Processes

DGC LATAM specializes in providing highly specialized silo cleaning services for the manufacturing, mining, and mineral processing industries. Our comprehensive range of services ensures the safe and efficient removal of compacted materials, preventing blockages and optimizing the flow of stored substances.

Our silo cleaning services utilize cutting-edge equipment that enables fast, efficient, and safe operations without the need for human entry into the storage vessel. Whether it's silos, bins, hoppers, tanks, reactors, or chimneys, we have the expertise to safely remove compacted materials from any size or shape of container. We prioritize safety and innovation by avoiding the need for personnel to work in confined spaces.

Moisture in stored substances such as cement, coal, soda ash, or fertilizer can cause the material to bind and adhere to the walls or form clumps, leading to blockages and reduced flow. Our silo cleaning services are designed to address these issues, preventing capacity reduction and production stoppages.

To ensure effective silo cleaning, we employ a combination of specialized cleaning technologies. The SiloWhip system utilizes hydraulic or pneumatic power to efficiently clear material build-ups using a rotary cutter. This method effectively removes compacted materials from the walls of the silo, restoring optimal flow.


We also utilize the Cardox CO2 system, which uses the expansion of liquid carbon dioxide to create a powerful heaving force, breaking up the surrounding material. This system is particularly effective in cases where material blockages are difficult to access or remove using traditional methods.

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DGC LATAM is your reliable supplier of refractory materials in South America. with our comprehensive product range, technical expertise, commitment to quality, and customer-centric approach, we are the preferred partner for industries seeking high-quality and reliable refractory solutions.

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