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Turnkey Solutions for Industry

DGC LATAM specializes in providing comprehensive turnkey solutions for the mining, metals smelting, and mineral processing industries. Our multi-disciplinary expertise allows us to create tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. In the field of Structural, Mechanical, Piping, and Platework (SMPP), we offer a wide range of services to support industrial projects.

We excel in structural steelwork, offering services such as shop detailing, fabrication, painting, shipping, pre-assembly, and erection. Our capabilities include complex rigging for heavy lifts, sheeting erection, and on-site painting.

For mechanical and platework needs, we provide detailing, fabrication, painting, shipping, installation, welding, and erection. Our expertise extends to in situ large-diameter tankage erection, sandblasting, painting, process plant mechanical equipment installation, and equipment laser alignment and commissioning support.

In the field of piping, we offer detailing, fabrication, painting, shipping, on-site fabrication of site run piping and pipe supports, flushing, hydro-testing, painting, and colour coding. Our team is experienced in handling various piping systems and can ensure efficient and reliable installations.

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We also provide civil and earthworks services, including small civil works and the management of earthworks and civil sub-contractors. Our capabilities cover a wide range of civil construction needs, supporting the overall project requirements.

DGC LATAM has extensive experience in plant installations, upgrades, and relocations. We have the expertise to handle both new and existing plants, ensuring efficient and safe project execution. Our welding services cover a range of materials, and we adhere to unique client requirements and procedures. In cases of structural repairs, we offer in-situ repair options and alternate solutions to minimize downtime and maintain asset integrity.

At DGC LATAM, we prioritize safety, efficiency, and productivity in all our SMPP projects. We have the capabilities and knowledge to handle complex industrial projects and deliver results that meet the highest industry standards. With our turnkey solutions, clients can expect top-quality services and successful project outcomes.

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